Laws & Rules

For the convenience of alternative dispute resolution professionals, The Arbitration Chambers have consolidated a list of links to different arbitration rules. (To view the laws and rules, please click on the "Laws" and "Rules" tabs respectively.)

Austrian Arbitration Act (2013) HTML | 
Austrian Act on Mediation in Civil Matters (2003) HTML | 

Belgian Judicial Code Provisions (2013) HTML | 
Belgian Judicial Code – Mediation HTML | 

Brazilian Arbitration Act (Law no. 9.307/96) HTML | 

Commercial Arbitration Act HTML | 

Arbitration Law of the People’s Republic of China HTML | 

Ley 1563 de 2012 HTML | 

England & Wales
Arbitration Act 1996 HTML | 

Décret no 2011-48 du 13 janvier 2011 portant réforme de l’arbitrage HTML | 

German Arbitration Law (1998) HTML | 

Chapter 609 – Arbitration Ordinance HTML | 

Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015 (No. 3 of 2016) HTML | 

Arbitration Law No. 138 of 2003 HTML | 

Arbitration Act 2009 HTML | 

Arbitration Act 2005 (Revised 2011) HTML | 

International Arbitration Act 2008 HTML | 

Decreto Legislativo que norma el arbitraje (2008) HTML | 

Portuguese Arbitration Law (1986) HTML | 
Portuguese Arbitration Law (2011) HTML | 

International Arbitration Act (2016) HTML | 

The Swedish Arbitration Act (SFS 1999:116) HTML | 

Swiss International Arbitration Law (Federal Statute on Private International Law) HTML | 

United Arab Emirates
Arbitration Law Amendment DIFC Law No. 6 of 2013 HTML | 
DIFC Arbitration Law (2008) HTML | 
DIFC Statute Rules (2009) HTML | 

UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration 1985 (with amendments as adopted in 2006) HTML | 
UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration 1985 HTML | 

United States
United States Code, 2013 Edition – Title 9 – Arbitration HTML | 
United States Code, 2011 Edition – Title 9 – Arbitration HTML | 
AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures (2013) HTML | 
AAA Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses HTML | 

Australian centre for international commercial arbitration (ACICA)
ACICA Arbitration Rules (2016) HTML | 
ACICA Arbitration Rules (2005) HTML | 
ACICA Mediation Rules (2007) HTML | 
ACICA Model Arbitration Clauses HTML
ACICA Model Mediation Clauses HTML

BANI Arbitration center
BANI Arbitration Rules (2011) HTML | 

Cairo regional centre for international commercial arbitration (CRCICA)
CRCICA Arbitration Rules (2011) HTML | 
CRCICA Model Arbitration Clauses HTML | 

Center for Arbitration and mediation of the chamber of commerce brazil-canada (CAM-ccbc)
CAM-CCBC Arbitration Rules (2012) HTML | 
CAM-CCBC Arbitration Rules (1998) HTML
CAM-CCBC Mediation Rules (2016) HTML
CAM-CCBC Recommended Arbitration Clauses HTML
CAM-CCBC Model Multi-Tier Mediation-Arbitration Clause HTML

the santiago arbitration and mediation center (CAM Santiago)
CAM Santiago Arbitration Rules (2006) HTML | 
CAM Santiago Mediation Rules (2000) HTML | 
CAM Santiago Model International Arbitration Clauses HTML
CAM Santiago Model Mediation Clauses HTML

Centro de Arbitraje de la cámara de comercio de lima / LIMA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CCL / LCC)
CCL / LCC Arbitration Rules (2008) HTML | 
CCL / LCC Model Arbitration Clause HTML

belgian centre for arbitration and mediation (cepani)
CEPANI Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML | 
CEPANI Arbitration Rules (2007) HTML | 
CEPANI Arbitration Rules (2005) HTML | 
CEPANI Mediation Rules (2013) HTML | 
CEPANI Mediation Rules (2007) HTML | 
CEPANI Arbitration Model Clause HTML | 
CEPANI Mediation Model Clause HTML | 

centre for effective dispute resolution (CEDR)
CEDR Model Documents HTML

Chartered institute of arbitrators (CIarb)
CIArb Arbitration Rules (2015) HTML | 
CIArb Arbitration Rules (2000) HTML | 
CIArb Guidelines on Mediation Rules HTML | 
CIArb Arbitration Rules 2015 Model Arbitration Clauses HTML | 
*These Guidelines, plus the Mediation Rules, are under CIArb review, which CIArb expects to complete in 2017.

china international economic and trade arbitration commission (cietac)
CIETAC Arbitration Rules (2015) HTML | 
CIETAC Model Arbitration Clause HTML 1 | HTML 2

corte de arbitraje de madrid
Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid Statutes and Rules (2015) HTML | 
Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid Estatutos y Reglamento (2015) HTML | 
Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid Model Arbitration Clause HTML

INTERNATIONAL INSTItute for conflict prevention & resolution (CPR)
CPR Rules for Administered Arbitration of International Disputes (2014) HTML | 
CPR Rules for Non-Administered Arbitration of International Disputes (2007) HTML | 
CPR Global Accelerated Arbitration Rules (2009) HTML
CPR Mediation Procedure (2005) HTML | 
CPR International Mediation Procedure (2017) HTML | 
CPR International Administered Arbitration Model Clause HTML
CPR International Non-Administered Arbitration Model Clause HTML
CPR Global Accelerated Arbitration Model Clause HTML
CPR Mediation Model Clauses HTML

DIAC Arbitration Rules (2007) HTML | 
DIAC Model Arbitration Clause & Submission Agreements HTML

dubai international financial centre - london court of international arbitration centre (DIFC-LCIA)
DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Rules (2016) HTML | 
DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Rules (2008) HTML | 
DIFC-LCIA Mediation Rules (2012) HTML | 
DIFC-LCIA Recommended Clauses HTML | 

german institution of arbitration (dis)
DIS Arbitration Rules (1998) HTML | 
DIS Supplementary Rules for Expedited Proceedings (2008) HTML | 
DIS Mediation Rules (2010) HTML | 
DIS Model Arbitration Agreement (1998) HTML | 
DIS Model Arbitration Clause HTML | 
DIS Model Arbitration Clause for Expedited Proceedings HTML | 
DIS Model Mediation Clause HTML | 

Hong kong international arbitration centre (HKIAC)
HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML | 
HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (2008) HTML | 
HKIAC Mediation Rules (1999) HTML
HKIAC Model Clauses HTML

International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
ICC Arbitration Rules (2017) & Mediation Rules (2014) HTML | 
ICC Standard Arbitration Clauses HTML | 
ICC Suggested Mediation Clauses HTML | 

ICDR International Dispute Resolution Procedures (2014) HTML | 
*These Procedures include arbitration and mediation rules.

International centre for settlement of investment disputes (icsid)
ICSID Convention Arbitration Rules HTML | *
*Arbitration rules start on page 99.

Judicial Arbitration and mediation services (Jams)
JAMS International Arbitration Rules (2016) HTML | 
JAMS International Mediation Rules (2011) HTML | 
JAMS Standard Clauses HTML

JCAA Commercial Arbitration Rules (2015) HTML | 
JCAA International Commercial Mediation Rules (2009) HTML | 
JCAA Standard Arbitration Clause HTML

KCAB International Arbitration Rules (2016) HTML | 
KCAB International Arbitration Rules (2011) 
KCAB Model Arbitration Clause HTML

Kuala Lumpur regional centre for arbitration (KLRCA)
KLRCA Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML | 
KLRCA i-Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML | 
KLRCA Fast Track Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML | 
KLRCA Mediation Rules (2014) HTML | 

London Court of international arbitration (LCIA)
LCIA Arbitration Rules (2014) HTML
LCIA Mediation Rules (2012) HTML
LCIA Recommended Arbitration Clauses HTML
LCIA Recommended Mediation Clauses HTML

London Maritime Arbitrators arbitration (LMAA)
LMAA Terms (2012) HTML
LMAA Suggested Arbitration Clause HTML

Permanent court of arbitration (PCA)
PCA Arbitration Rules (2012) HTML
PCA Model Clauses (2012) HTML | 

The arbitration institute of the stockholm chamber of commerce (SCC)
SCC Arbitration Rules (2017) HTML
SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules (2017) HTML
SCC Mediation Rules (2014) HTML
SCC Model Clauses HTML

singapore international arbitration centre (SIAC)
SIAC Arbitration Rules (2016) HTML
SIAC Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML
SIAC Model Clause HTML

singapore international MEDIation centre (SIMC)
SIMC Mediation Rules (2014) HTML
Singapore Arb-Med-Arb Clause HTML
SIMC Model Mediation Clause HTML

swiss chambers’ arbitration instiTUTION (SCAI)
Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (2012) HTML
Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation (2007; 2013 Reprint) HTML
SCAI Model Clauses HTML

Tribunal arbitral du sport / court of arbitration for sport (TAS/CAS)
TAS/CAS Procedural Rules (2017) HTML
TAS/CAS Procedural Rules (2016) HTML
TAS/CAS Procedural Rules (2013) HTML
TAS/CAS Procedural Rules (2012) HTML
TAS/CAS Procedural Rules (2004) HTML
TAS/CAS Mediation Rules (2016) HTML
TAS/CAS Standard Arbitration Clauses HTML
TAS/CAS Standard Mediation Clauses HTML

the united nations commission on international trade law (uncitral)
UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (2013) HTML
UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (2010) HTML
UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (1976) HTML

vienna international arbitral centre (VIAC)
VIAC Rules of Arbitration (2013) HTML
VIAC Model Clauses HTML

vietnam international arbitration centre (VIAC)
VIAC Rules of Arbitration (2017) HTML
VIAC Rules of Arbitration (2012) HTML
VIAC Model Clauses (2014) HTML | 

world intellectual property organization (WIPO)
WIPO Mediation, Arbitration, Expedited Arbitration and Expert Determination Rules & Clauses (2016)* HTML | 
WIPO Arbitration Rules (2014) HTML
WIPO Mediation Rules (2016) HTML
WIPO Model Expert Determination Rules (2016) HTML
WIPO Recommended Clauses and Agreements HTML
*Includes WIPO arbitration and mediation rules

Disclaimer: The Arbitration Chambers provide links to these laws and rules solely for the purpose of general information. Before relying in any way on the information provided on this page, you should do your own checks and/or obtain the necessary professional advice applicable to your issue. (Last Update: 24 July 2017)